Separation Journal

Navigate the maze of separation or divorce with elegance and ease—your ultimate toolkit wrapped in discreet luxury

This hybrid planner is the ultimate companion for your separation or divorce journey

It’s a 6-month support resource.

Crafted to assist you during a relationship or marriage breakdown, offering invaluable resources for contemporaneous notes, decision-making, asset division, divorce application prep, co-parenting tracking and all the hurdles of separating.

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  • Manage your life and mindset with weekly tips
  • Track appointments, messages and essential info
  • Sort assets, debts, and goals with dedicated schedules and trackers
  • Make informed choices using real-world separation examples and tools like Decision Matrix and SWOT
  • Improved negotiation skills with insights and tactics
what makes it so special?

the features

Discreet Elegance

A tactile cloth hardcover, embellished with dual ribbons for effortless navigation, remains unbranded for your personal confidentiality.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

312 pages of 90gsm unwaxed paper, the journal reflects Australian design principles.

Life & Logistics

six five-week schedules, weekly self-care and appointment trackers. This journal serves as an indispensable personal organiser.

Financial Intelligence Suite

Comprehensive asset and liability schedules, accompanied by financial account trackers and goal planners, provide a robust framework for fiscal responsibility. Monthly financial category breakdowns and half-year overviews enrich your understanding.

Decision-Making Arsenal

An in-depth Decision Making section, including Likelihood rating charts and six Decision Matrix pages, empowers you to make informed choices. The inclusion of a personal SWOT Matrix, enriched with real-world separation examples, provides further analytical depth.

Advanced Negotiation Toolkit

A curated section dedicated to negotiation offers actionable strategies for effective discourse. Additional adult colouring pages serve to alleviate stress during potentially lengthy communications.

well here it is...

the sales of these journals supports the production of our podcast. With each episode designed to share a different separation journey in the hope it will help others going through something similar


Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.

– Louisa May Alcott

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  1. Split Tales

    I wish I had had this journal during my separation 5 years ago

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